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 A7V KT133 A rev 1.04.

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NORTHbridge version A + Southbridge version B = 133 FSB!!

Got a posting at www.amdmb.com, http://www.amdforums.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=1711569#post1711569

The issue is of course to look at the right chip. The problem is to determine what chip combination is right for Your board.

When You know what chips You have please look below:

Northbridge Southbridge FSB Speed Possible?
VT 8363A VT82C686B 133 Mhz YES
VT 8363A VT82C686A 133 Mhz NO ?
VT 8363 VT82C686B 133 Mhz NO
VT 8363 VT82C686A 133 Mhz NO

Now, in order to relate this information to revisions I need feedback on this.

Look here:

ehmmm, maybe not the very BEST image I have done
but it tells You where the RELEVANT VIA Chip is located in
order to identify correctly...

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