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while setting this up i try to keep up with discovering flawS and errors - they will be posted here first!

  • May 30: Still messing whit chipsets! I believe there is a relatively easy way to find out whether You board can run 133 FSB or not. The combination of chipsets! If You got the latest available combination You might be able to run 133. Se more HERE!

  • May 7: Thanks to a stubbern aussie I had to find out correct info regarding a discussion we had about VIA Southbridge and North Bridge. It seems I had them crossed at my description here.
    Clive Burns: I stand corrected! I apologize for any incoveniences. Info is corrected.

  • April 14: VACATION NOTICE!
    Yes, I will be away for Easter and som 10-15 days until 3 of May. Dont cry for me...

  • April 13:
    An urgent need to specify which VIA chipset arised suddenly! It seems some people looks at Southbridge to find out. Read HowTo here and don´t remove any heatsinks or fans...it should NOT be necessary...!

  • April 10:
    Added LINKS-page and TOOLS-page. Enjoy!
    I am considering a Forum, but I do not want to compete with others.
    Please let me know what You think!

  • April 9:
    Doing some spellchecking on this NEWS-page and made some minor changes.
    Discovered some flaws in menu and corrected them. I believe the menu is 100% OK now...
    I am writing the BIOS page. I believe this may cause most blunders and errors regarding BIOS version and Mobo version. I hope to clarify this in a very CLEAR manner.

  • Mar 25:
    UP AND GO! Got my dipers off and restored site! 90% of site OK and browsable through menu tree. I have one concern though: is it heavy load for people with modem connection? Please let me know!
    I apologize for any inconveniences during this time...

  • Mar 16:
    Finally getting some up. THERE WILL BE BROKEN LINKS FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS!!!

  • Mar 14:
    I am trying different things here, renaming the index file of this site to start.shtml

  • Mar 14:
    Well, I can browse some files but not all, if you click here , same as link above, I get an error message. Do you?

  • Mar 12:
    It seems the buggers at this ISP doesnt support SSI after all, I am posting this on site for You all to know. I have of course sent them a message about this, cant browse files with *.shtml!!

  • Mar 07:
    Uploaded another index-file to site instead of Construction.

  • Mar 05:
    Set up a Construction gif on site, never thought I had to do that! But I am still rebuilding. No new info added yet.

  • Mar 03:
    Implementing some stuff from Xara WebStyle, mousover images and similar. Remade the entire color scheme inspired by the AMD logo.

  • Mar 01:
    Redoing nav structure offline. Domain has been transfered to www.b-one.dk.

  • Feb 27:
    Getting new ISP for this site. Expect some downtime in a week or so.

  • Feb 24:
    FINALLY added som configs. Mainly on 1.05 A and 1.04 A. PLEASE REVIEW!!!
    ONE THINGIE! The info supplied is not enough! Please be more specific!

  • Feb 20:
    Coming back, have gathered some working configs and will post them at relevant place on site. RECOMMENDATION: AIDA32 as System monitoring tool. Will post CPU INFO pics from anybody who dare to send them in, with description of working config on this site´s main attraction: The ASUS A7V KT133 Mobo...!
  • Feb 12-19:
    WEEK off, due to heavy workload (some wise windows installer *.msi-script is f-ng with me!!!
  • Feb 11:
    No day off...It seems there are a (DOT) rev of A 1.04? Can somebody verify this?
  • Feb 11:
    Day off!
  • Feb 10:
    I KNOW! I got my revisions numbering wrong! It is not 1-2-4-5-etc...I can count, mind You all! From below it is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 and nothing else...

  • Feb 10:
    Finally done with the basic site config. Will add info on working configs as they drop in. Will also set up a submission form for working configs. Got word about a possible A 1.04 (dot) revision.

  • Feb 07:
    Reviewed layout, normalized. Added Chipset versions info and will grab some exhaustive information from VIA or Geek ...
    Altered menu, it is long now, but only for those who browse everything. Put latest revisions upmost.

  • Feb 07:
    New look. Thank God for CSS! I run CSS 2, dont use Netscape 4.01!
    I know my logo thing is disgusting, so dont tell me...

  • Feb 07:
    Okeyyy, there are more bords than I knew of...!
    Check Silverbolt´s info over here: http://www.a7vtroubleshooting.com/forum/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=a7v;action=display;num=1044369396  (New window)
    I will have to restructure the entire menu. I thought Board/CPU/Architecture would be nice , but I think I am gonna change it into CPU/Architecture/Board/Chipset or some...
    After all, there are less CPU Arcitectures than boards...! :-/

  • Feb 06:
    Revising navigation. There are links to Duron Palomino which are obsolete according to new info.

  • Feb 05:
    Found great site for cpu info. Asked permission to use some of info.

  • Feb 04:
    Added legal and stuff with about and some more.

  • This is the year 2003. All dates are in 2003 until another year comes upon us...

Last reviewed: Mon, 2 June, 2003

Contact info: asusa7v@conram.com

This site is private and not affiliated with anybody, however,
I will be PROUD to present information and links with logo´s to other established A7V sites!!

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