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This site covers Motherboards with two (2) versions of the VIA KT133 chipset

it is also importatnt to know what Southbridge chipset you have. There are two versions - A and B. I believe a combination of KT133-8363A with Southbridge VT82C686B is the only way to achieve 133 MHZ FSB speed. Not tested, dont have that chip on my boards.

There are issues about this, Please CHECK HERE!

This is the 8363 NON A version.
Look at You motherboard to find out!: The VIA KT133 8363 CHIPSET

VIA KT133 8363

More info about Chipsets - 8363

  • Supports Athlon™ and AMD Duron™ Processors
  • 200MHz FSB Settings
  • Support for AGP 2X/4X
  • Supports up to 1.5GB PC100/133 SDRAM and Virtual Channel memory
  • Support for Advanced Communications Riser (ACR) Card Standard
  • Integrated 2 Channel AC-97 Audio
  • Integrated MC-97 Modem
  • Support for ATA 33/66/100
  • 4 USB ports, UHCI compliant
  • Integrated hardware monitoring
  • Advanced power management capabilities including ACPI/OnNow
  • 552-pin BGA VT8363 North Bridge
  • 352 -pin BGA VT82C686 South Bridge

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