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Open Your Box - look at the board revision

It is located between PCI slot 4 and PCI slot 5. NORMALLY, You should not have to move around cables and cards to see it, maybe a flashlifght could be handy.
After that, check the listing on the left <<<Over there...

If you go wrong on this, don´t bother reading further or looking for info here.

Ahh, You lack a decent screwdriver?
Go to the nearest bar and order one, drown Your sorrows... think of me writing this for You in order to try to be funny...

If something is not as it should be according to info on this site, You have another of 7.956.489 different types of bords, but not the one we talk about here...

There is of course an image on theINDEX -page, if You need further assistance...

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