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settings for Athlon THOROUGHBRED

I own this board and run it currently at 1250 Mhz with a T-bred 1700+. I am having problems setting the whole thing up, but I think it is due to Windows XP for now. I will set the board to what I believe should work and make a clean OS installation after that. it seems WXP do not like tampering with the CPU frequency, even with such a relatively small differens as from 1250 to 1446 Mhz.

A7V KT133 rev 1.05 with ATHLON ? 2000+ (XP)
*** Motherboard switches / jumpers settings ***
VCore FSB JEN Multiplier VIO BIOS ver.
1,65 V 136 Jumperless Default Default 1.010 beta 01
*** BIOS Settings ***
VCore FSB Multiplier
Default Default Default

No info on CPU architecture or multipliers received. Will post this on PALOMINO as well

Last reviewed: Tue, 25 March, 2003